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29.02.2012 New website:

A simple website for this Surrey-based French polisher features before and after shots of their work.

20.01.2012 website overhaul:

Working with our partners Simulacra Studio, we've upgraded this London shoemaker's website to give them control over their galleries, blog and other web content.

16.12.2011 Website redesign: Ambition Health & Performance

We've given Ambition's site a new look and installed our Content Management System so that they can keep it up to date.

07.11.2011 Website overhaul: Prangsta Costumiers

Keeping the existing look, we've completely redeveloped the Prangsta site to speed it up, make it more user-friendly, and allow them to update their costume galleries, news and press.

02.11.2011 Website overhaul: Ionian View Apartments

Using their existing design, we've installed a simple Content Management System into this overseas accommodation website.

26.10.2011 Website redesign: RB Connections Ltd

We've completed a new website for this specialist recruitment consultant that includes a job management database.

22.03.2011 New website:

We've launched a new site for London/Dorset based hypnotherapist Caroline Carr.

01.11.2010 Website redesign: InJoy Yoga

Our new website for this Yoga school features a bespoke class timetable.

Google Instant: blessing or curse? A look at how it might change Google advertising and marketing.

24.08.2010 Website redesign: Dan Roberts

We've designed and built a new site for Dan Roberts, which features our own search-engine friendly blog system.

15.06.2010 eCommerce website: Cherub Child

Our bespoke eCommerce website for this Brighton-based children's clothing label is packed with nifty features.

The results of tests carried out in April and May 2010 into Google's crawling and indexing capabilities and preferences.

28.04.2010 Website redesign: Ambis

A database-driven website for another specialist recruitment consultancy; jobs are integrated into their site from a third party feed.

16.04.2010 Website redesign: JM French Polishing

We've redesigned and optimised the JM French Polishing website.

28.03.2010 Website redesign: PR Futures

We've completed a new database-driven site for this specialist recruitment agency that allows them to manage all their vacancies, and also features a blog and knowledge base.

An article in three stages. First, common issues that I see with Wordpress and other blog software systems. Next, ways to avoid these problems. Finally, how to properly deal with useless comments and spam on your blog.

Google is showing personalised results to all users, whether they have previously opted in or not. What does this mean from an SEO point of view?

25.11.2009 Web development: Turgon

We've taken over the Turgon family of websites, consolidating and updating the look and re-coding in valid HTML and CSS.

11.11.2009 New website: Tim the Handyman

We've created a site for this London-based handyman start up.

09.11.2009 Search Engine Optimisation: Life Coach London

We've optimised and converted it to a valid CSS layout.

21.10.2009 eCommerce website: Starre-Flower

We've installed a bespoke orders and eCommerce system, together with a simple blog, into the Starre-Flower website - all optimised for search engines.

16.10.2009 Search Engine Optimisation: CBN Solutions

We've amalgamated a family of Mac Support websites into two distinct domains offering support and repairs in London, re-coding both sites in valid HTML and CSS and optimising them for Google.

The widespread use of 'nofollow' on outbound links is killing natural linking on the web and having a detrimental effect on quality websites.

Information about web directories and their role in SEO, a few things to be aware of when considering using 'SEO-friendly' directories, plus some pointers to help you assess directories.

The right domain name can make SEO for small businesses far easier, but of course you need to weigh other factors too. This article covers the three main things I always consider and answers a few FAQs too.

Recently I found a site that perfectly demonstrated why the meta description tag is important. View the examples and then learn how to tweak your tags for maximum impact.

02.09.2009 Articles & Resources section now live

This new section to the website will be added to on a regular basis and over time I hope to grow it into a comprehensive resource on search engine optimisation and marketing.

17.08.2009 Web development: AllThingsMac

We've updated the AllThingsMac website for modern browsers and converted it to valid HTML.

04.08.2009 Portfolio / Case Studies section added

...including a testimonial from our clients Full Spectrum Integration Ltd. More websites in the pipeline. View our portfolio

As a web developer, you can bet I've said this a lot to my customers. However, I was recently reminded myself how true this statement is.

16.06.2009 Frantic Fish website launched

Hello world!

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