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Telemarketers please note: the number is on the Telephone Preference Register (although you should already know that).

Terms & Conditions

Compatibility : Browser / Platform / Operating System / Hosting Environment
We test sites in Internet Explorer (versions 7-11 currently), Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Please be aware though that when new browsers or operating systems are released (most notably IE and Vista to date) display issues can arise. We can't forsee these but always use valid code to make this as unlikely as possible. Likewise, we can't guarantee that a database site will work perfectly in a hosting environment other than that it was originally launched in.

Updating a website to comply with standards that didn't exist when it was built is chargeable work. This also includes any updates or upgrades to payment gateways used in eCommerce sites.

Functionality & Suitability for Purpose
1) Responsibility
We undertake thorough bug-testing and proof-reading on all projects, and in the case of dynamic websites such as shopping carts will provide a full system test document. However it is a client's responsibility to double-check the website and any document provided for accuracy and for possible omissions.

By requesting that a (new version of a) website be launched to the public, a client agrees
- that the website is fit for purpose,
- to be responsible for the website content,
- to be responsible for any transactions (financial or otherwise) made through the website.

If a grammatical/spelling error in the site text or a bug in the system is identified after a site has been launched, it will of course be fixed as a priority and free of charge. However if upgrades to the hosting environment, to third party / open source software, or to browsers or operating systems have caused previously working code to break, then we reserve the right to charge for repair work.

2) Liability in Case of Fraud or Illegal Activity
We do not host websites; a web host is responsible for server security. We do not process payments; a payment gateway provider is responsible for payment transaction security. We are not liable for any loss incurred through a client's website as a result of credit or debit card fraud, hacking or any other illegal activity.

Open Source Software
We will always advise if open source software is used on any project (for instance, forum software).

1) Updates / Upgrades
We will always install the latest version of any open source software, and will make sure that a website is completely up to date when it goes live to the public. Any security patches or other updates required after that time will be chargeable work. We monitor important upgrades to the software, will notify you promptly if your site needs updating, and carry out upgrades - once instructed to do so - as a priority. If upgrades are delayed or not carried out because you have not instructed us to do this extra work, then we cannot be liable for losses incurred as a result of failure to implement a required upgrade.

2) Liability
We are not liable for any security flaws or other defects in open source software.

Ownership : Text / Images, Logos / Code / Software
1) Design, Layout and Text
All work done (including but not limited to image work, text and web design) remains our sole property until paid for in full. After that it belongs to the client.

2) Database Programming (e.g. Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts)
We grant the client an exclusive and non-expiring license to use code written by us to power their website. Should the website be sold then the license transfers to the new owner. The client may not distribute or re-sell the code.

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