The right Internet Marketing is...


Reach potential customers as they're looking to buy.

We can help you engage with your audience at crucial stages in their decision-making process.


Stop guessing what works and what doesn't.

We provide detailed information about your website's visitors and where they are coming from.


Increased exposure without increasing your budget.

Our internet marketing builds on what we've done before, making your money go further.


Only word of mouth is better value for money.

The right website marketed in the right way could be the only form of advertising you'll ever need.

So what do I do?

Depending on your target market and your budget, we will employ some or all of the following methods. These will be most effective if we have already made sure that your site is optimised to be search engine friendly.

Web Directory Submission

There are thousands of web directories, but links from some will offer little or no benefit. You could waste time and money, end up being bombarded with spam, and possibly even hurt your rankings if you use the wrong directories.

We carry out regular research and analysis to find general and niche directories that will actually improve your rankings. There are core directories that should be the foundation of most link-building campaigns. Depending on your market, decent rankings can sometimes be achieved using nothing but directory links.

Blogging, adding News or Articles to your site

As well as the core keywords (search terms) for any market, there are a huge number of associated or peripheral keywords. Adding interesting content to your site relaated to what you do naturally creates relevancy for these associated keywords.

By updating your site on a regular basis you provide a good reason for your visitors to return, and you can interact with them too if you allow comments on your articles. Interesting articles can also attract links from other sites. All of this increases your traffic and raises your profile on the internet.

We provide search engine friendly article and content management systems, and can help you raise the profile of your blog, news or articles section once it's up and running.

Article / Content Distribution

Many sites that do not offer free or paid links will link to their contributors' websites. Whatever market you are in, there are industry, advice, or peer-review sites that all welcome original and engaging content. We specialise in finding these sites and brokering deals for content distribution.

Pay per Click Advertising (Google AdWords)

We've have spoken to many businesses that have run Pay per Click campaigns and lost a lot of money, and this is not surprising because Google actually make it very easy to spend a lot.

We specialise in micro-managed and comprehensively analysed campaigns that aim to stretch your budget as far as possible and maximise return on investment. We recommend an initial period of Pay per Click advertising for any business simply because it is the best keyword research available.

Viral Marketing

Whilst not every business has the budget for certain types of viral marketing, viral marketing doesn't have to be expensive. Simple offers and giveaways can be a powerful source of traffic without actually costing you much - if anything.

We're experienced web developers and can work with you to develop online tools and gadgets for your website that will be newsworthy, plus make sure that the news gets out to the 'seed' sites that drive viral marketing. We can also arrange video filming, editing and online distribution.

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