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PLEASE NOTE: The SEO work showcased here is only a small part of what I do and what I've done, because I frequently get 'white-labelled' by other businesses. Plus, some clients want confidentiality. So, if you want to see more examples of my SEO work the best thing to do is to call me and we can take it from there.

Client : Caroline Carr
Services : web design, web development

Caroline is an author, Harley Street hypnotherapist, life coach and Laughter Yoga teacher. Her website (the first of its kind) is an online community providing support for the partners of those suffering from depression or anxiety by celebrating and sharing laughter, inspiration and joy.

It currently has the following features, all custom-built:

  • a private member's forum, with email notification (for example, new threads or new comments);
  • two-tier member registration (private and professional);
  • a blog;
  • an online shop for digital downloads, integrated with PayPal;
  • a mini-portal where multiple types of content can be added (book and film reviews, interviews, inspiring quotes, jokes, video clips and more);
  • a custom mailing list that sends updates from across the site to those that are interested, and tracks both opens and clickthroughs to the website.

Caroline can manage all of this and control content on virtually any page in the site via the admin area.

The site is constantly evolving, with new features and content all the time, and we work closely with Caroline every month to enlarge and improve it. It's a very interesting and rewarding project to be involved in.

Excellent advice and support, and nothing seems to be too much trouble. When I put forward the germ of an idea, Peter is able to tell me whether or not it is a sensible option, and how complex or simple it would be to execute. This is invaluable advice, as I haven't a clue about the technicalities and what might be involved.

I know I can trust Peter's judgement, knowledge and experience. I feel that I get a really personalised service, and that is hugely important for me, as I need to be able to discuss thoughts and ideas properly.

Peter has carefully managed the transition to a new look and new website. Originally the primary focus was on the needs of those with a depressed partner. Now it equally focuses on fun, inspiration and joy. I'm delighted that this website reflects both aspects of my work so well. Needless to say, I highly recommend Frantic Fish!

Caroline Carr
Client : Ambition Fitness
Services : web design, web development

Jeff Murray runs Ambition Health & Performance, a health and fitness clinic based in Central London. Ambition turn people's lives around, using diet, exercise and physical therapy to treat high blood pressure, obesity and even type 2 diabetes.

Jeff was unsatisfied with his website and also with the company that managed it for him. He wanted more control over the site and a more responsive web company.

Nearly all text, images, documents and videos throughout the new site are editable, and new pages can be added also.

As with most of our projects, this is an evolving and growing site; we work with Jeff every month to curate the content in the blog, steadily growing it into a knowledge base on the subject of truly healthy living. It contains some incredible life-changing information, and is well worth a read.

Client : J C Associates
Services : web design, web development

J C Associates is a niche recruitment consultancy based in London.

Their website was dated and they did not have the level of control they wanted over the content.

We replaced it with a new design, where they can control all text (and images) on each page, as well as an improved job display and management system which also includes a search facility (with statistics output into the admin area).

The site also has a job feed that is integrated with their Social Media profiles to post new jobs there automatically.

Client : InJoy Yoga
Services : web design and development

InJoy Yoga is a growing business running yoga classes and workshops at an increasing number of locations in Surrey. They needed a website that they could not only keep up to date with existing class and term times, but also grow easily as they add new teachers, classes and venues. Our system allows them to create timetables for each class in their admin area, and then generates a public calendar that their clients can refer to. New classes, staff and associates can also be added, and we've recently installed our own news/blog system into the site too.

Client : PR Futures
Services : web design and development, search engine optimisation

PR Futures are specialist recruitment consultants for the public relations and communications sectors.

Their new site features a job management board with search facility. Job seekers can add jobs that interest them to a wishlist, then convert the list to an application and attach their CV. The client is notified automatically when this happens and can log in to their admin area to view applications and add notes to them.

Justyne also asked us to help PR Futures with their Google rankings, and in the nine months we've been working on the site its traffic has increased sevenfold on non-brand terms.

I am delighted with the website that Peter designed for our company. He quickly understood our business and what we required from a site. He developed a great looking site and easy to use back end, which has simplified our admin. His designs and ideas were great and he has amazing patience and is a real pleasure to deal with. I have had no problem in recommending his services to fellow business colleagues.

Justyne Whyke, PR Futures
Client : Dan Roberts, Life Coach
Services : web design and development

Dan is a life coach and also a freelance journalist writing about health, psychology and parenting for the national press.

The site is built around the blog, which has a spam-free comment facility, email subscription, tagging, and other features common to popular blog CMS systems - with one exception - it is completely search engine friendly.

Dan receives a notification each time an action is taken on his site so he can interact with his visitors. He can also add new pages and order them in the left hand menu to increase the scope of the issues he helps people with.

Client : Full Spectrum Integration Ltd
Services : web design

Full Spectrum integrate high performance home cinema and audio visual equipment with automation, lighting, HVAC and security systems to create 'bleeding-edge' Smart Homes for discerning clients.

From having zero web prescence, Frantic Fish created us an amazing-looking website and excellent Google rankings within a short period of time. Peter is a friendly, enthusiastic and very knowlegable guy and represents excellent value for money. I would estimate that our website has generated over £500,000 of sales since going live. I am very happy with everything Frantic Fish has done and cannot recommend highly enough.

Matt Atkinson, Director
Client : JM French Polishing
Services : web design, search engine optimisation

JM French Polishing had an 'off the shelf' template website that they didn't really like design-wise and that featured nowhere in search engines because it was poorly optimised.

The new site showcases the quality of their work by showing before and after shots and testimonials from happy customers, and features at the top of Google for their key search terms.

Client : CBN Solutions
Services : web development, search engine optimisation

CBN Solutions are a multi-discipline IT and media services company based in London's West End with eighteen years' business class experience.

Adapting their existing design, we optimised and enlarged their website, and installed our own search-engine friendly blog system, which we also maintain for them. We have now achieved top Google rankings for them on their key search phrase.

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